We began to form the idea of the Kozyack project in the winter of 2011.

We followed the trends of the last few years – interweaving of rustic (vintage) items in modern interiors and incredibly skilful and beautiful combinations with the new furniture trends. We then decided to exhibit and offer to the world items that otherwise would have remained hidden from public view.


In Bulgaria, as in many other Balkan countries, there is an almost forgotten tradition called “raising a dowry”. Years ago, when emancipation was still an alien concept in these lands, women spent their days at home. They took care of the family and the home. In those days, young girls were taught how to knit, embroider and weave by their mothers and grandmothers. Everything they made over the years became their dowry, which they brought along with them when getting married. Year after year, all these rugs, table cloths, pillow cases, and a number of other incredible items remained hidden from people’s eyes in wardrobes and closets.


Today, there is an increasing number of already grown-up girls such as these. They are ready to share their treasures with other people. Inspired by this, we decided to start searching for and selecting these beautiful and unique items. Everything on display in our shop has been made mostly by hand. Each item is infused with its own spirit. And we are certain that it has been made with a lot of love. Some of the objects were made 100 or more years ago. They have been preserved in good condition until now, which makes us value them even more.


We are very happy to be able to share this beauty with other people. We would be even happier, if these wonderful items find a new home in different places across the world.

We are sure that all nice things should be shared. And this is precisely what we want to do with our Kozyack project.


Kozyack will also find a place for various objects made by interesting new creators and designers whose art deserves to be shared with the rest of the world.


We are based in different parts of Europe, making searching, offering, and communicating an extremely easy and efficient process.


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